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Hello and welcome to my attempt, at long last, to start organizing and displaying the several thousand photos that I have taken in the past eight years. I am currently a biology Ph.D. student with Ray Semlitsch at the University of Missouri. My initial interest in photography started at an early age, far before I ever had a camera in my hands. While I always wanted to take photos (I have early memories of my grandfather using a 35mm camera), I was also engaged in several other hobbies that otherwise occupied the disposable income of two working middle-class parents (e.g., Boy Scouts, Native American Dance). Needless to say, desire did not manifest a camera in my hands.

While an undergrad at the University of Georgia, I managed to save up enough money to buy my first non-disposable camera (an Olympus C-740). That summer, I started tracking calling frogs in a marsh at the local Boy Scout Camp (Linwood-Hayne) and took my first in-situ frog photos (I was hooked). My undergraduate mentor, Gary Barrett (University of Georgia), then brought me onto his undergraduate research project working with small mammals to get some photos (and do some research). I saved up a little more and bought a Nikon D70. At that point, he published my first published photograph in a small booklet on the research site (HorseShoe Bend, Athens, GA). Dr. Barrett also published my first book pictures (and book chapter) in his book on Golden Mice.

I then started my M.S. in Ecology at the University of Georgia with Whit Gibbons who is responsible for the use of the great majority of my published photos in various books on southeastern herpetofauna. While a M.S. student, I saved up for the camera that I still use today (Nikon D200). I have taken a multitude of pictures of sports (e.g., UGA football), landscapes, people, flora and fauna (including a recent foray into birds). However, my favorite photography trip is to wander out at night after a recent heavy rain (or sometimes in the middle of one) and take my headlamp and camera toward the sounds of frog choruses.

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